200 Club September Draw

The September draw of the Friends of Tournament 200 Club took place at the 37th Seaton Classic this weekend. John Battleday drew the balls out of the bag. There were 136 balls in the bag.. a new high. The video is incomplete and missed part of the draw but the winners were: 1st No. 92 Rob Spavin £510. 2nd No 190 Stuart Hills £340. 3rd No 126 Steve Glanfield £170. Congratulations to the winners. FoT has raised a total income so far of £85,200 and after prizes this has generated over £58,000. Of this £32,850 has been paid to support skiers travel to World and European Championships and £8,000 for various development activities with another £5,000 committed spend this year. Thank you to all our supporters.

FoT 200 Club September Draw