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IWWF World Waterski Rulebook 2022 V2

The World Waterski Council has issued version 2 of the 2022 Rulebook. There are two changes that require some explanation.

Rule 8.15 Revision – This update has been necessary because we are dealing with the introduction and adoption of new technology in the form of Boat Path Measurement Systems (BPMS), specifically SurePath which is now providing detailed data on Boat Path performance which has simply not been available before.

It is clear from this data and the recent practical experience in competitions that a further modification to the rule was necessary. Data will continue to be monitored throughout this season and if any further changes are considered necessary these will be done as part of the annual Rules review process at the end of the year.

Rule 10.11 Revision – The use of Surepath has again provided significant data on boat path during jumping. With the current rule stipulating a “straight path” it doesn’t allow the driver to compensate for the skiers pull to the ramp thus creating a potentially unsafe scenario. Many knowledgeable Drivers do make the desired adjustment with minimal deviation from the “straight path” but the adjustment to the Rule will allow a better understanding of what is required. It is not intended that the Driver will “help” the skier with the landing.

FoT Monthly Newsletter – Issue No. 1

The Fund Raising by Friends of Tournament is a vital resource for supporting our elite skiers and increasingly to facilitate various development activities. The FoT Committee want everyone involved to be given regular updates about monies raised, spending plans, and activities. To achieve this we are launching a monthly FoT Newsletter. Issue No. 1 can be downloaded here:

FoT Newsletter April 2022

The link to The 200 Club March 2022 Prize Draw is here:

March Draw Video

FoT Development Days Update

Here are updated details about the upcoming FoT Development Days. A couple of dates have had to be changed and an additional day at CJM Ski & Wake has been added on 5th August.
Please download and post the updated poster on your club noticeboard.
Who knows you might attract one of tomorrow’s superstars in the sport.

Download the poster here:

FoT Development Days Poster