Dear Tournament Event Organiser, Competitor/Licence Holder and Tournament Official,

The Tournament Committee over the past few weeks have been monitoring developments regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and the guidance given to us all by the Government.

We believe that the time has come to make some decisions about the 2020 Calendar which is due to get underway in the middle of May so that there can be some clarity and certainty for organisers and participants.

Most water ski sites are currently closed, and some Organisers have already taken the decision to cancel events.

It is clear that the current restrictions on unnecessary travel and the requirements for social distancing prohibit any participation sporting events from taking place and even when these restrictions start to be lifted it is unlikely that sports will immediately recommence.

Consequently, the Tournament Committee have decided that all events on the Calendar for May 2020 must be cancelled and will no longer be sanctioned.

Thereafter each month’s activity will be reviewed one month in advance. So, a decision will be taken about June events no later than the end of April and so on.

Any fees already paid to BWSW in relation to events will be reimbursed to the organising club.

Of course, Organisers may decide to cancel their events in advance of our monthly review and in those circumstances, fees will be reimbursed as well.

Combined National Championships 2020

The National Championships are due to take place in August at Oxford Wake and Ski Club.

After consultation with the Organiser we have decided that the situation will be reviewed at the end of April and a final decision about going ahead with this years’ Championships will be taken no later than the end of May.

These are challenging times for all of us, but we will get through them, get back on the water and enjoy the sport that we all love. In the meanwhile, stay safe and well.

World and E&A Titled Events

These are all under review and decisions will be taken at least 60 days in advance of the Competition dates. It is already decided that the U17 World Championships will be postponed until 2021. In this case all skiers who are eligible to participate this year will be able to take part in it.

Please all stay safe and keep well . . .

Steve Sopp

Chairman Tournament Committee