FoT 200 Club April 2020 Prize Draw

The April Draw of the 200 Club Lottery took place yesterday with Mark being socially distanced from the camera person. This month there were 141 balls in the bag generating a prize fund of £1,145.63. The lucky winners were:

1st £458.25 No 10 Stuart Scott-Ely
2nd £343.69 No 60 Colin Slater
3rd £229.13 No 85 Juliet Thompson
4th £114.56 No 125 Jo Kelly

Congratulations to them and a big thank you to everyone who continues to support the 200 Club.
Click on the link below to see the video.

Next year will be challenging with the World Open Championships and World U21 on the calendar as well as the postponed World U17 Championships. So while we may not spend all of our planned budget this year we will certainly do so in 2021 so building up our funding remains as important.

Since we started a total of £114,000 has been raised and £74,000 spent. The major areas of expense have been travel grants to our World and European Team member, Development Days and Youth Squad Training, as well as the lottery prizes of course.

So far 124 prizes have been won by 65 different ticket holders and £31,500 has been paid out in prizes since 2017.


200 Club April 2020 Prize Draw