FoT 200 Club Draw – January 2021

We have started our fifth year of Friends of Tournament with the January 2021 lottery draw.
While we had no World or European Championships to support in 2020 we did run a number of successful Development Days. While we will have to wait to see if competitions resume in 2021 plans for a further 10 Development Days are being formulated and will be publicised once we know that they can go ahead. Our FoT budget for 2021 is in excess of £51,000 and thanks to your generosity we have available funds of over £50,000. 2022 will no doubt see a return to some level of normal activity and so we need to keep pushing to raise funds.
So to date you have raised a total of £148,000 which has given us £106,500 to invest after lottery prizes.
The video of the January draw can be seen below and with 130 balls in the bag the winners are:
1st Jon Wilkinson no. 63 £422.50
2nd David Frost no. 24 £316.88
3rd Mark Beard no. 4 £211.25
4th Danielle Critchley no. 53 £105.63
Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to all our supporters.

200 Club January 2021 Prize Draw