FoT 200 Club Draw – November 2021

The 59th prize draw of The 200 Club Lottery took place in Florida. Featuring Mark Beard, with the well travelled bag of balls, assisted by Sue and Colin Slater.
The gross amount raised by FoT will surpass £200,000 in January when the 60th draw (The December 2021 draw) takes place.
After prize money this means that over £145,000 has been available to support our activities. Of this £84,000 has been spent on skier travel grants to European and World Championships and Development initiatives such as Development Days.
This has only been possible with the participation of many generous people who have supported the lottery and other fund raising.
There were a record 163 balls in the bag for the November Draw with prize money totalling £1,324.38
And the winners were:
1st Charlie Newsome – No. 97 £529.75
2nd Jean-Paul – No. 145 £397.31
3rd Lesley Shanahan – No. 132 £264.88
4th Flo Hazelwood – No. 104 £132.44
Congratulations to our winners and a massive thank you to all who support FoT.

FoT 200 Club November Prize Draw