FoT 200 Club January 2020 Draw

Mark Beard has conducted the January 200 Club Lottery draw assisted by two young skiers, Robbie Douglas and Dani Halford.
There were 144 balls in the bag which meant a total monthly income raised of £3,600 and after prizes of £1,170 added £2,430 to our funds.
This year as well as the annual E&A Open, Youth and U21 Championships there are the World U17 Championships taking place in Florida and the World University Championships in the Ukraine. All of our skiers taking part in these events will receive increased funding from FoT thanks to the generosity of all of you supporting this fund raising. Plans are also well on the way for a further series of Development Days and a Youth Squad Training camp.
So the winners for January are:
1st Dave & Shelley Nutt £468 no. 62.
2nd Nick McGarry £351 no. 26.
3rd Andy Wrennall £234 no. 37.
4th Jodi Fisher £117 no. 150.
Congratulations to the winners and greatful thanks to all that support FoT. Over £100,000 raised to date to support our sport.
Click on the link below to see the draw.

FoT 200 Club January Draw