IWWF Event Management System (EMS)

IWWF Event Management System (EMS)
The development of an Event Management System was agreed by the IWWF Executive Board at their meeting in Paris in 2017. Development started in 2018 and the roll out and launch of EMS will start this year.
Additionally, the introduction of a worldwide IWWF Licence for all Rankings List competitors was proposed at the World Congress in Malaysia last August. The administration of this licence will be integrated into the EMS. We understand that the launch of the new licence will be for the 2021 season for the northern hemisphere. More information will be shared about this as the implementation plans are finalised.
This is major and positive change to the way our sport is administrated and will have a big impact on Competition Organisers, Officials and Athletes and the way in which we work together in the future.
So, what will the Event Management System provide?
 Present data to The General Public and Media
 Allow updates of data to Councils, Federations, Athletes and Officials through secured access
the General Public and all users will be able to:

 View Competition Calendar and Results
 View an Athlete’s history of scores, titles and bio data
 View records and ranking lists
COUNCILS will be able to:

 Manage Officials’ Status & Levels
 Manage Competitions Calendar and Status
 Manage international records and Ranking Lists
FEDERATIONS will be able to:

 Register their Athletes and Officials
 Manage their Competitions
 Submit on-line registrations to events
 Manage national records and ranking lists
 Have an overview and control of the sport activities on a national level
Project GOALS:

 Improve communication between councils, federations and officials
 Facilitate access to information by offering an easy search tool for the broad public and our community
 Provide access to a unified, consistent, and modern single point of reference for our sport
 EMS Version 1 which is being implemented now includes registrations of officials, athletes, sites and competitions, registration of athletes to competitions, management of competitions (download of participants to Scoring System, publication of Live scores, upload of results from Scoring System and publication, publication of Ranking Lists, competition news, etc.).
 EMS Version 2 which will follow will include all functions related to the order and control of the new IWWF Licence, the option of the payment of entry fees to the organisers by PayPal/Credit Card, an automated process for entries to Titled Events by Federations including invoicing of entry/training fees and additional functions for the implementation of the Cable Wakeboard discipline, etc.

The EMS will eventually cover all disciplines of the sport. Great Britain is one of nine pilot Federations in Europe and will be invited to start work on implementation in the next few weeks. As this happens, athletes, officials, and competition organisers will be given more information.

In the meanwhile, it is business as usual for Competition Organisers and Athletes as far as entries to and administration of events is concerned. EMS will be phased in gradually over the next year or so.