Judges Training Workshops

We have arranged two one day Judges Training Workshops which will take place at Thorpe Ski on Saturday 28th March and at Hazelwoods on Saturday 23rd May starting at 9.00am.

Training consists of classroom work and presentations but has to be followed up by some practical experience at Competitions before taking a straight forward exam to get on the first rung of the Judging ladder.

The training day will be based on the following agenda:
•Aims of the Day
•Judges Responsibilities
•Chief Judges Responsibilities
•Trick Judging Practice
Discussion and Conclusion

If you would like to participate please contact Gavin Kelly on gvnkelly@aol.com indicating which day you would like to attend.
If you are coming you should download the World Rulebook and British Additional Rules and familiarise yourself with them.

World Waterski Rules 2020 (1)

British Waterski Additional Rules 2020