The 71st 200 Club Prize Draw – November 2022

The November 2022 200 Club Draw has taken place in Florida with Mark Beard assisted by Kelly Atkins and Philippa Shedd. The results are:

1st  Nick McGarry No. 23 £650.00

2nd Andy Fearn No. 102 £487.50

3rd Nick McGarry No. 8 £325.00

4th  Jean-Paul No. 145 £162.50

Clearly Nick McGarry carries the lucky gene.

Almost £275,000 has been raised since FoT began with over £202,000 net of lottery prizes.

Of this £134,000 has been spent supporting our skiers participation in World and European Championships as well as Development activities such as Squad Training and Lectures, Development Days, Provision of loan kit etc.

We have a projected spend of over £64,000 in 2023.

Thank you to all the FoT supporters who make this happen.