Covid-19 Update – 11th June 2020

The Tournament (Waterski) Committee met today via Zoom to discuss the ongoing situation in regard to our national competition calendar from July onwards and the position concerning E&A Championship events.

British Calendar Events
It remains clear that with the current restrictions no competitions of any kind can take place. However lockdown restrictions are subject to regular review with some changes taking place on a regular basis now. Consequently the Committee decided to suspend all July events that had not already been cancelled by the organisers so that should the situation change in the short term these could be reinstated. Decisions about competitions beyond July, including the British National Championships, will be taken as the lockdown restrictions evolve.

E&A Championships

35+ Championships
Although there does not seem to be an official announcement we understand that the 35+ Championships, due to take place in Italy from 26th to 30th August, have been cancelled.
E&A Youth and U21 Championships
These are scheduled to take place in Sesena, Spain from 3rd to 8th August. The E&A Waterski Council have said that under current conditions they cannot take place but a further review will be undertaken 45 days before the event is due to start, that is on 19th June.
E&A Open Championships
Now scheduled to take place in Recetto, Italy from 20th to 23rd August, we expect an update from E&A 60 days before the event, on 21st June.

In the event that either Competition is confirmed as going ahead BWSW will evaluate the possibility of participation by our skiers at that point in time. As you will appreciate there are many issues that will need to be understood and considered before we can contemplate sending our skiers. While we all want to resume competitions as soon as possible we also have a responsibility to ensure that all our skiers and officials can participate in a safe environment.

Steve Sopp
Chairman Tournament (Waterski) Committee
11th June 2020