FoT 200 Club Lottery Draw May 2020

Here is the May draw of the 200 Club. There were 139 balls in the bag this month and the winners are:

1st David Stevenson No. 61 £451.75
2nd Simon Poole No. 38 £338.81
3rd Jon Wilkinson No. 63 £225.88
4th Nick McGarry No. 26 £112.94

Congratulations to them and thank you to everyone who supports FoT.

Before Lottery prize money has been paid out FoT has now raised almost £118,000 and the lottery alone will pass £100,000 next month.

Including prize money £75,000 has been paid out to support development activities and to our elite skiers for world and European Championships.

With the Covid-19 restrictions we have not yet spent any money in 2020 but have ambitious plans, requiring a £55,000 budget for next year when we hope some sort of normality will be resumed.

200 Club May 2020 Prize Draw