FoT 200 Club November Draw

The November Draw of the 200 Club took place during the Tournament Committee Meeting at the BWSW offices on 5th December. There were a record 146 Balls in the bag and it was the first draw based on the new format of four prizes every month. Now there are 48 chances of a win compared to the 36 we had previously. Overall the same prize money will be available as we will not have a double up month going forward.
Before announcing the winners we can tell you that with the December draw early in January we will have passed the £100,000 total money raised by Friends of Tournament. This is all down to the generosity of everyone out there who is supporting what we are doing. We still have another 54 balls to sell to achieve that magic 200 number so please encourage your friends to give it a go. Several Clubs have a Club number…..does yours? a way for a club to support the continued development of the sport and possible raise some funds at the same time. New 200 Club Sign Up Forms are on the Resources Page or can be downloaded on this link:

FoT 200 Club Sign Up Form 2020

So the winners for November:

1st No.125 Jo Kelly – £474.50
2nd No.91 Patric Foley-Brickley – £355.88
3rd No.07 John Philips – £237.25
4th No.109 The Rostance Family – £118.63

Congratulations !!!

Click on the link below to see the video of the draw.

FoT 200 Club November Draw