The 200 Club Draw – September 2021

The September draw of The 200 Club Lottery has taken place at the World Open Championships in Florida. Mark Beard as Master of Ceremonies assisted by Jose Antonio Perez Preigo, President of the IWWF and Gill Hill, retiring Secretary General of the IWWF. The first prize of £510.25 goes to number 200 Suzie Yorke-Davies. Second Prize of £382.69 goes to number 91, Damien Ackerer. Third Prize of £255.13 to number 93, Peter James and last but not least, the fourth Prize of £127.56 to number 62, Dave and Shelley Nutt.
Congratulations to our winners and a grateful thanks to our 157 ticket holders. This is the largest number of tickets in the draw since FoT started The 200 Club Lottery 4 years ago. With your help we can get to 200 tickets in the draw so please encourage your friends and ski clubs to join us.

You can view the prize draw video on the following link:

September Draw Video