The 76th Friends of Tournament 200 Club Draw – April 2023

The draw took place during the first Ranking List competition at Hazelwoods Ski World at the weekend. Three times World Tricks Champions, Nicolas Leforestier was there with his daughter who was taking part and kindly agreed to help with the draw. And the winners were:

1st Jeff Smith No. 150 – £541.67

2nd Tabitha Rogers No. 193 – £433.33

3rd Rob & Val Spavin No. 92 – £325.00

4th Andy Dyson No. 54 – £216.67

5th Steve Lawrence No. 4 – £108.33

The draw video can be viewed here:

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone for your continued support. There are 5 tickets available for the May draw that can be purchased for a one off draw or for any number of months. If interested please drop a line to Gavin at for more details. Lets keep 200 balls in the bag.