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FoT 200 Club September 2020 Draw

The September draw of the Friends of Tournament 200 Club took place during the Tournament Committee’s zoom meeting today.
With a record 146 balls in the bag the total prize money was £1,186.25. The video can be seen below.

1st Glen Marshall no 56 £474.50
2nd Steve Irving no 110 £355.88
3rd Craig Jay’s no 57 £237.25
4th Alison Halford and Andy Wrennall no 37 £118.63

Congratulations to the prize winners and thank you to everyone for your continued support. Despite the absence of competitions this year FoT has organised 6 Development Days and two squad training weekends.

If 2021 returns to some sort of normality it will be a busy year with 4 World Championships and 4 European Championships.

FoT 200 Club September Prize Draw

IWWF Event Management System (EMS) Update

The IWWF Event Management System has been under development for some time and the roll out to Federations has been taking place this year.
Additionally, the introduction of a worldwide IWWF Licence for all Rankings List competitors was proposed at the World Congress in Malaysia last year. The administration of this licence will be integrated into the EMS. We understand that the launch of the new licence will be for the 2021 season for the northern hemisphere. More information will be shared about this as the implementation plans are finalised.
This is major and positive change to the way our sport is administrated and will have a big impact on Competition Organisers, Officials and Athletes and the way in which we work together in the future.
So, as a reminde EMS will provide?
 Present data to The General Public and Media
 Allow updates of data to Councils, Federations, Athletes and Officials through secured access
the General Public and all users will be able to:
 View Competition Calendar and Results
 View an Athlete’s history of scores, titles and bio data
 View records and ranking lists
COUNCILS will be able to:
 Manage Officials’ Status & Levels
 Manage Competitions Calendar and Status
 Manage international records and Ranking Lists
FEDERATIONS will be able to:
 Register their Athletes and Officials
 Manage their Competitions
 Submit on-line registrations to events
 Manage national records and ranking lists
 Have an overview and control of the sport activities on a national level
 EMS Version 1 which is being implemented now includes registrations of officials, athletes, sites and competitions, registration of athletes to competitions, management of competitions (download of participants to Scoring System, publication of Live scores, upload of results from Scoring System and publication, publication of Ranking Lists, competition news, etc.).
 EMS Version 2 which will follow will include all functions related to the order and control of the new IWWF Licence, the option of the payment of entry fees to the organisers by PayPal/Credit Card, an automated process for entries to Titled Events by Federations including invoicing of entry/training fees.
If you have had a competition licence in the last three years and are a current member of BWSW you will receive an email in the next week or so explaining firstly about EMS then a second email that will invite you to sign in to EMS and update your profile. As all events will be run via EMS next year it is important that you do this. All Officials will also receive this invitation.

World Waterski Council Rules Update

The World Waterski Council has recently published some decisions concerning the IWWF 35+ World Championships 2020 to be held in 2021, the Rankings List to be used for 2021, 35+ Age Categories, 45+ Womens shortening speed and the 2020 World U17 Championships to be held in 2021.

The World Rules affected by these decisions have also been updated and both documents can be accessed on the following links.

The decision to make the 45+ Womens shortening speed 52kph was reached by the Council after a world wide survey of the skiers affected.

We have clarified that the 35+ Age Categories for the Worlds to be held in 2021 are based on the skiers age at 31 December 2019.

The changed rules will be effective from 20th November 2020.

IWWF World Waterski Council Decisions September 2020

IWWF World Rules Changes September 2020

Competition Licences 2020/2021

We want to reiterate an announcement that we made some time ago concerning Competition Licences. Basically 2019 licences were carried over for 2020. However a small number of competitors paid for a licence in 2020 and these licences will be valid for 2021.

FoT 200 Club August 2020 Draw

The 200 Club August draw took place this weekend at Hazelwoods Ski World. Apologies for the opening expletive but had to do a take 2 on the preamble as video wasn’t on.
With 142 balls in the bag this month the prizes are:
1st prize £461.50
2nd £346.13
3rd £230.75
4th £115.38
The August winners were:
1st Simon Poole No 38
2nd Paul Nott No 15
3rd Owen McGarry No 114
4th Team Bluebird No 83
FoT has so far raised a grand total of £129,047 before lottery prizes.
Team Skiers have received £34,000 in travel grants and around £18,000 has been spent on Development activies such as Development Days, Squad Training, and Handicap League prizes.
We have an ambitious budget for 2021 of over £55,000 and will end 2020 with a healthy bank balance as there have been no travel grants this year due to the cancellation of all European and World Events. Lets all hope that 2021 will see a return to a more normal situation.
Thank you to everyone who supports FoT. You are making a difference in an era where government funding for sport has been drastically reduced.

200 Club August 2020 Prize Draw

Tournament Ball 2020

As is probably obvious now we have had to cancel the 2020 Tournament Ball. We hope that normal service will be resumed in 2021 and when possible we hope to organise some sort of a social event. However in these uncertain times we must wait to see how the current restrictions develop.

FoT 200 Club Draw – July 2020

The FoT 200 Club draw for July.
There were 140 balls in the bag this month and the winners were :

1st Alan Farndon no 73 £455.00
2nd Dave Wrennall no 76 £341.25
3rd Dan Brooks no 58 £227.50
4th Jane Peel no 84 £113.75.

Congratulations to the winners.

FoT is sponsoring five Development Days and two Squad Training weekends during August. The Squad Training will take place at PWTC at Hazelwoods and at Oxford Water Ski Club. The Development Days will be at, White Rose, Church Wilne, Burghfield, Cotswolds, and Whitworth. Please visit the BWSW website for more details.

July 2020 200 Club Draw

FoT 200 Club Prize Draw – June 2020

Hot off the press…..the June 200 Club Draw. Our most entertaining draw yet thanks to Keith Jones.

The June winners are:

1st Claire James no 32 £451.75
2nd Sean Rose no 71 £338.81
3rd Team Bluebird no 83 £225.88
4th Bill Atkins no 74 £112.94

After prize money is paid out we are raising about £2,345 each month to add to our funds.

The lack of activity this year means that we have not spent any of our funds and we will go into 2021 in a very healthy £64,000 in the bank.

If competitions around the world resume we will have a busy year to support with the postponed World Youth Championships as well as an Open, U21, and University Worlds.

Let’s all hope that we will be back to some kind of normal.

Congratulations to this months winners and a big thank you to everyone that supports FoT.

June 2020 200 Club Draw

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update – Tournament Calendar Competitions and British Nationals.

All Licence Holders and Officials

Following the government announcements this week it is clear that the limited lifting of restrictions does not yet place us in a position where we can legally operate competitive skiing. The Tournament Committee therefore must announce that all of the suspended July competitions are now cancelled.

Further to discussions with Oxford WSC and Steve Glanfield, we regrettably have to also advise that the British Nationals scheduled for 12th to 16th August are also cancelled.

The Tournament Committee will meet again in mid July to review the possibility of running competitions in August, and also to discuss the proposal of running a ‘Youth Nationals’ late in the season.

It is positive to hear clubs generally are busy, ski safe everyone.

Mark Beard

Vice Chairman
Tournament Committee

E&A Championships 2020

The following communication has been received today from the E&A Bureau.

“It is with great regret that due to the COVID-19 crisis and the restrictions imposed by various countries and travel restrictions, the Admincom has decided to cancel or postpone to 2021 all 2020 E&A Titled Events.
All 2020 ‘Open’ and ‘Masters’ (35+, seniors, ..) Championships have been cancelled.

For the Youth Championships, the Admincom encourages the Divisional Councils to postpone their 2020 event to 2021.
If they accept this recommendation, the 2020 event would be held alongside the 2021 event.
This is in order that a youth athlete who is in the last year of his age category does not miss the chance to win a title, a medal or a spot in the finals.
Someone over age can however not set a record for his age category.
It is up to each Council to work out the specific rules for their combined 2020/2021 event.
The EC Bureau