Friends of Tournament 200 CLUB Poster

We now have a downloadable posters for the FoT 200 Club that we hope all Affiliated Clubs will display in their Clubhouses. The five recent Development Days jointly funded by FoT and BWSW have been a great success and we want to do more of these. We are already getting new requests from clubs that have not hosted one of these. But we can only do it if we continue to raise money through initiatives like the 200 Club. We have 118 ticket holders in June raising almost £3,000 each month. 32.5% of this goes out in prizes and the rest will support our Skiers going to World and European Championships and Development initiatives such as the Development Days. Why not get your Club to join in and get a lottery ticket? Who knows, you might win a prize to boost club funds and you will definitely by helping our sport to future success.

Our Skiers Stories

As well as profiling our Officials and Volunteers we will also be sharing the stories of some of our skiers.
We are starting with Ben & Harry Sullivan from Cotswold Waterski Club who as you will see have taken a path through participating in the Cutting Edge Programme and FoT Development Days, and this year hope to compete at the National Championships at Hazelwoods Ski World.

The Mapple ProAm 2019

After a brilliant event in 2017 the Mapple ProAm is back on the Thorpe Lakes Arena on 12th – 14th July. (Not the dates in the photo of Andy which is from the 2017 event) An event not to be missed that culminates in a Pro’s Head to Head final on the Sunday afternoon. With four skier teams plus a pro with the added excitement of a handicap system to level the playing field it is Slalom at its very best. To find out more click on the link below.
Mapple ProAm 2019

The Officials for the Combined National Championships 2019 Announced

The Officials for the National Championships at Hazelwoods Ski World organised by PWTC were announced at the Officials Seminar in Lincoln last Saturday. They are:

Chief Judge Gavin Kelly
ACJ and Judge Catherine Wharton
Judge Jill Howard
Judge Clair Hoile
Judge Ben Hazelwood
Judge Stuart Hills
Judge Rob Spavin
Scorer Sanchia Outram
Scorer Charlotte Wharton
Homologator Peter Davies
Driver Ady Asher
Driver Tony Cise
Driver Nathan McGarry
Technical Officer George Hazelwood

Back Up Officials
Driver Paul Wharton
Judge Harry Spavin
Judge Rob Hazelwood
Judge Tom Poole
Judge Jack Critchley

Congratulations on your selection and have a great competition.

FoT 200 Club April Draw

The April draw of the 200 Club Lottery took place yesterday at the Annual British Officials Seminar. Mark Beard invited Irene Newbold to pick the winning balls from the blue bag. With three new tickets there were 110 balls in the bag this month…. a new high. Unfortunately technology, or the camera operator, let us down and only 21 seconds of the action were captured. The results were : 1st Roy Collins no 44 winning £412.50. 2nd Stuart Lillis no 45 winning £275.00. 3rd Jeremy Stephenson no 78 winning £137.50. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all of you that take part. So far FoT has raised more than £60,000 and this year will spend £35,000 on supporting team travel to World and European Championships as well as Squad Training and Development Days. FoT will also be supporting the Handicap League again this year with end of season prizes.

Our Officials and Volunteers

Continuing our series of profiles of our Officials and Volunteers we have Catherine Wharton. Catherine devotes a great deal of her spare time to our sport both as an International Senior Judge (J2) and International Scorer (S1). She has also contributed hugely to the work of the Tournament Technical Working Group (TouTech) for a number of years.

Tournament Waterski 2019 GB Squad

GB Tournament Water Skiing is delighted to announce the 2019 GB Squad. The Tournament Committee, based on performances from the 2018 Tournament Season, has selected top water ski athletes from across the United Kingdom.


U14: Thomas PARKIN, Noah POLLARD, Harrison CROSSLAND, Lilli DESTE, Danielle HALFORD and Stella GAMSKI.

U17: Marcus ROBINSON, Saba YORKE-DAVIES, Danny JAYS, Matilda TURP, Emma SCUTT, Lucy ROBERTS, Amy WHALING and Molly LEE.

U21: Sanchia OUTRAM, Joel POLAND, Robert HAZELWOOD, Arron DAVIES, Benjamin TURP, Charlie EMMETT, Katie NUTT and Oliver SCUTT.

OPEN: William ASHER, Frederick WINTER, Eleanor BENJAMIN, Charlotte WHARTON, Luke OUTRAM, Jack CRITCHLEY, Calum HEATH, Thomas POOLE and Harry SPAVIN.